Prop Store Halloween Auction 2: Resurrection!

The Prop Store continues to keep business moving along with their just launched auction of assorted goodies. Halloween Auction 2: Resurrection started on Thursday September 27 and will run until Tuesday October 5th 2018. With the fancy title and all I am suspecting that there is an indication that these Halloween themed auctions will be a regular thing going forward. The Prop Store is offering 281 lots in this no reserve online only auction.

The Halloween 2 auction offers props, prosthetic appliances, costumes, weapons and more. Items will be available from 13th Warrior, The Last Samurai, Ender’s Game, Babylon 5, Eraser, Europa Report, American Sniper, My Bloody Valentine 3D, Pumpkinhead, Masters of the Universe, Piranha 3D, Priest , X-files, Scorpion King and more.

To view and participate in the Halloween Auction 2: Resurrection visit


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