Once Upon A Time Television Series Auction Event!

2/16/19 Update: See Also Probabilia upcoming Once Upon A Time Auction – https://collectorshype.com/2019/02/06/once-upon-a-time-shadowhunters-auction/

On Monday December 17th 2018 Auction house Profiles in History will be auctioning props and costumes from the ABC hit series Once Upon A Time. Once Upon A Time “OUAT”, ran on the ABC television network for 7 seasons airing 156 episodes of imagination and drama derived from Disney fantasy lore.

The Profiles in History auction is set to have over 500 artifacts for sale to the highest bidder. This auction event will be open only to online bidders. All the characters are represented from the Evil Queen to Snow White, Rumplestiltskin to Prince Charming, Zelena to Robin Hood and Captain Hook. Most of the costumes include the original “Once Upon a Time” production labels and/or Studios tags. (Preview Gallery Bottom of Article)

Featured items…

  • Captain Hook’s signature leather long coat
  • Excalibur prop sword with Emma Swan inscription
  • Red Riding Hood signature hero costume
  • Robin Hood signature hero costume ensemble
  • Rumplestiltskin’s signature hero metal dagger
  • Evil Queen’s hero dark gem pendant
  • Snow White’s “Vera Wang” wedding dress
  • Prince Charming costume ensemble.
  • Snow Queen’s necklace in jewelry box
  • Zelena’s “Wicked Witch of the West” Oz pendant & Silver Slippers
  • Elsa hero floor length beaded custom gown
  • Captain Hook’s detachable mechanical hand
  • Emma Swan “The Saviour” costume.
  • Cinderella & Prince Thomas costume ensemble with her “glass slippers.
  • Belle’s hero leather costume ensemble.
  • Ursula hero green costume
  • Aladdin signature hero genie costume
  • Evil Queen’s special effects illuminating heart
  • Captain Hook’s hero hook with leather sleeve
  • Blackbeard signature costume ensemble
  • Rumplestiltskin signature hero costume
  • Maleficent costume & staff

An amazing catalog is available for purchase as well as a downloadable PDF. If you are interested you can register to bid as well as view all the lots in this magical auction of props and costumes from Once Upon A Time at the Profiles in History website. Good Luck and Happy Bidding!

“Once Upon a Time” tells the story of a new world, one in which fairy-tale legends and modern life collide. Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) is comfortable in her life as a bail bonds collector when Henry — the child she gave up a decade earlier — suddenly shows up. He is convinced that she is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, who sent her away before the Evil Queen could cast a spell, freezing the fairytale world in time and bringing them to present-day Storybrooke, Maine. After taking Henry home, Emma decides to stay in the town to keep an eye on him, and she discovers he may not be wrong after all. – Once Upon A Time, ABC Television.


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