Gemr Presents: Collection Complete Series!

About amonth ago or so I stumbled onto a YouTube series called Collection Complete made possible by the folks at Gemr. Some of their videos feature cool movie prop collections and some feature other pop culture collections. The Collection Complete videos are well produced and insightful as to who has what and some interesting details of the props we all love and enjoy. If you are a collector or just a fan of movie props I recommend subscribing to this channel, see the various links in this article. I have posted what I believe is the first of 11 videos from this YouTube channel below, You can also view these in the Gemr app as well.

‘Collection Complete’ takes an in-depth look into the lives of filmmakers and artists and the collections that fuel their work, from screen-used props from movies such as Halloween and Poltergeist to original Kenner Star Wars action figures, and beyond. Learn how a Star Trek collection can influence a horror film, or how a miniature Delorean inspires a trip back to your childhood — the nostalgia is strong in this weekly series.

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