Superhero Movie Props Including Wonder Woman Lasso Up For Auction!

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Wonder Woman, the most popular female superhero, continues her meteoric rise. Her much-anticipated movie sequel, Wonder Woman 1984, will be released in early fall. But before then, fans and collectors can score a piece of her magic, including original comic books and a one-of-a-kind movie prop, thanks to ComicConnect’s August Event Auction. They’ll also be able to bid on coveted superhero movie props, which rarely—if ever—come up for auction.

“We’ve seen again and again that successful superhero movies drive up related comic values—so our winning bidders can expect to see their investments grow,” notes Vincent Zurzolo, co-owner of the leading vintage comic book marketplace. And, he notes, Wonder Woman is special. She’s not only as popular as Batman and Superman, she’s also an authentic feminist icon.

The creation of Dr. William Moulton Marston, the Amazing Amazon first appeared in comics in 1941. Not surprisingly, her character proved popular with little girls—including feminist activist Gloria Steinem, who, in 1972, put her on the inaugural cover of Ms.magazine, a groundbreaking feminist publication. In 2016, the United Nations named Wonder Woman a UN Honorary Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls. Her recent movies have brought her even more fans.

ComicConnect’s Event Auction #43 kicks off on August 1 and ends August 24-28, 2020. Some of the most anticipated items include:

The Lasso of Truth Movie Prop from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Warner Bros., 2016) – This incredibly-rare production item was created for Wonder Woman’s first movie appearance. It includes a Certificate of Authenticity from Hero Prop, a highly-respected dealer of movie memorabilia. The lasso, Wonder Woman’s  signature weapon, compels those in its grasp to tell the truth. (Ironically, her creator, Dr. Marston, also invented the first lie detector.) It’s expected to sell for $15-$20,000.

All Star Comics #8, CGC-graded 9.4 – Comics featuring a character’s first appearance are typically the most valuable. This 1941 comic marked Wonder Woman’s first appearance and is the highest-graded copy in existence. In 2017, it sold for $936,223, so this time it may break $1 million.

Sensation Comics #1, CGC 9.6  – This issue marked Wonder Woman’s second appearance. This is the single-highest graded CGC-certified copy.

Wonder Woman #6, CGC 9.4 – Also the highest-graded copy in existence, this comic marked the first appearance of Cheetah, Wonder Woman’s archenemy. It’s particularly significant because Cheetah, as played by Kristin Wiig, is featured in the upcoming movie.

As superhero movies have triumphed at the box office, movie props have become another sought-after collectible. These storied rarities—all which come with Certificates of Authenticity—will also be up for auction:

  • Thor’s Hammer, Mjolnir — One of the most recognizable props in movie history, as wielded by Chris Hemsworth in Thor: The Dark World (2013). Anticipated sale price: $30-40,000.
  • Captain America’s Combat Helmet –As worn by Chris Evans in Captain America: The First Avenger (2011). Anticipated sale price: $20-30,000.
  • Captain America’s USO Heater Shield – The heroes signature weapon, also from The First Avenger. Anticipated sale price: $25-30,000.
  • Deadshot’s Wrist Gun Gauntlet from Suicide Squad – The very one worn by Will Smith in the 2016 blockbuster. Anticipated sale price: $5-7,000.
  • Wolverine’s Claws – Flaunted by Hugh Jackman in X-Men (2000). Wolverine is one of the most popular characters in the Marvel Universe. Anticipated sale price: $10-15,000.

About Vincent Zurzolo & Metropolis Comics

Vincent Zurzolo is co-owner of Metropolis Collectibles, the world’s largest vintage comic book dealership, and, its online auction arm. He is Curator of Metropolis Gallery, a rare comic art gallery in Manhattan. He and his business partner Stephen Fishler hold five Guinness World Records for the most expensive comics and collectibles ever sold. A recognized authority in comics as investments, he appears frequently on television and in print.

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