Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events Auction!

Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events!

The next auction by The Prop Store is original items from the Netflix show starring Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf “A Series of Unfortunate Event’s. Information released by the Prop Store indicates there will be over 200 original props, costumes and set decoration pieces in the auction.

A Series of Unfortunate Event’s is on Netflix with 3 seasons overall in the series. The series was first released in 2017, 25 episodes were produced with the last episodes premiering in 2019.

There is a registration giveaway contest going on now for a chance to win one of two Daily Punctilio Newspapers or a Count Olaf Wanted Poster prop.

The auction is only on the Prop Store website where you can view all the lots once they are loaded on January 17. The auction will end in two weeks on Monday January 31, 2022. The buyer’s premium is 25% plus taxes, fees and shipping.

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