Entertainment & Music Showcase Auction – Heritage Auctions

Happy August! Heritage Auctions “Entertainment & Music Showcase Auction” has opened for pre auction bidding. This auction features 497 lots of both television, movie memorabilia as well as music memorabilia. The live auction date is set for August 21, 2022.

There are 18 prop lots and 22 costume lots in the “Showcase” auction. There are some Chronicles of Narnia costumes and props listed. A reference model from the film Air Force One. There are a number of Rollerball (2002) and Into the Blue costumes included.

Again there is more to this particular auction than television and movie items, there are also some interesting music memorabilia lots featuring artist used items, concert memorabilia, various awards and so much more.

To view all 497 of the Entertainment and Music auction items please visit Heritage Auctions website, links in this article.

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