Video: Star Trek Strange New Worlds Season 1 Finale Costumes!

Another insightful Star Trek Strange New Worlds (ST:SNW) video has been posted to the Paramount Plus YouTube channel recently. This time around Bernadette Croft Costume Designer for ST:SNW gives us a tour of the various costumes used in the recent season finale and their ties to the Original series cast. The video is just under 5 minutes, enjoy!.

“Costume Designer Bernadette Croft (Strange New Worlds) reveals how the legendary “Monster Maroon” Starfleet uniform from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and Lt. Uhura’s (Nichelle Nichols) classic look are updated with a modern aesthetic. Plus, star Celia Rose Gooding (Cadet Nyota Uhura) celebrates an iconic piece of Uhura’s jewelry.”

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