The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of Podcast Season 4 Begins!

Heads up fans of original television and movie memorabilia Season 4 of The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of has debuted as of this blog posting.

You can find this podcast on most streaming platforms that include podcasts in their offerings. Also new with season 3 and continuing with this season is the episodes are video recorded and uploaded to YouTube where you can watch the hosts David Mandel & Ryan Condal interact.

Check out the first episode of season 4 posted from YouTube below, be sure to like and subscribe to their channel. You should check out my Podcast & Visual Media Links page for additional podcasts and shows with the focus on original television and film memorabilia.

Nothing holds an edge like Valyrian Steel… except maybe the return of the best podcast about collecting movie props! The boys are back for a brand new season, and they’re chatting what’s new in props, #houseofthedragon, and what’s ahead for The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of. Then, David and Ryan are joined by swordsmith (don’t call him “master”) Peter Johnsson of Sweden who designed and built the “hero” versions of the famous #Targaryen ancestral swords, Blackfyre and Dark Sister. How does one go about forging Valyrian Steel? Tune in and find out.

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