Profiles has Dreier Auction, Success?

First things first credit to “Original Prop Blog” and Jason Debord on a wonderful analysis of the Profiles Dreier Auction. That being said Jason and I must be on the same wave length here as I was looking into previous auctions of the items being sold today in the Dreier Auction and how much the items sold originally cost. My opinion of the sale is such, Where you buy something originally is as equal to where you resell something.

Some of the items if not almost half the items were purchased by the Dreier’s at previous Profiles in History auctions. Looking at what the items sold for today reaffirms my position that buying props, wardrobe and other is very risky more so than previously thought. Yes I know there were big numbers on quite a “few” items but the return from the original price was minimal or even a loss for the overall collection. The auction was fun to watch but definitely out of my budget and even if it were in my budget would I pay? I’m not so sure. My advice is to buy what you love NOT expecting to get back what you paid for it, Buy because you love it or for some other inspiring reason.

Some people may look only at the money spent and say “yes this auction was a success” and I do believe on some level it was, but the profits made by the Dreier’s don’t seem to add up to the original investments. Now I do wanna add I like Profiles in History and hove nothing against them. This is just my opinion on the profits or riches that most collectors in the past few years seem to be chasing and are only driving prices up for those whom collect for the reason I gave above. I look forward to the other half of this auction to see if the same thing that happened to the Debbie Reynolds auction where part 1 was more successful than part two. I also wonder when will the “Prop Bubble” will burst or is there a “bubble”, time will tell…


Stay tuned to Collectors Hype for more news and information. New to collecting? Checkout my resources page.


Again I’d like to give a shout out to Jason Debord and his Blog The Original Prop Blog, keep up the wonderful work.

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