Bonham Entertainment Auction 19801 Results




Bonhams Auction Entertainment Auction 19801 was December 12th featuring a wide assortment of Entertainment Memorabilia. Here are the results for some of the lots I found interesting, to review the entire list of auction results you visit Bonhams website.~

Lot 98 Harry Potter: A collection of three props, 2001, £525

Lot 101 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: An original concept design for the ‘Cross of Coronado’ and a pre-production set design for the Jones residence study, 1989, together with another crucifix design, £1,250

Lot 130 Superman: Christopher Reeve’s directors chair, 1978, £2,500

Lot 135 Alien, 1979: A detailed miniature model of the Nostromo Engine Room, designed and made by William ‘Bill’ Pearson, £1,875

Lot 141 Red Dwarf – Series X, 2012: A detailed model Mothership spaceship designed and made by William ‘Bill’ Pearson, £562

Lot 144 Doctor Who/Tom Baker: The Robots of Death, 1977 An S.V.7 costume, £2,500

Lot 148 Doctor Who – A Chrismas Carol, December 2010: A foam latex model of a shark, £875

Lot 202 The Rolling Stones: An autographed Rolling Stones concert programme, £1,062

Lot 334 The Beatles: A set of Beatles autographs, 1963/1964, £2,875

Lot 272 Michael Jackson: A bespoke vibrant red jacket with attached royal blue silk arm band, circa 2005-2006, £5,625

Lot 265 The Jackson 5: Five original animation cels and a production drawing for the television cartoon series, early 1970s, £237

Lot 280 Prince: A polka dot glove, £325

Lot 291 Elton John: The studded leather jacket worn on the cover of the album ‘Leather Jackets’, 1986, featuring ‘Elton John – Angeline’ motif to the reverse, £3,750


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