Alec Peters Star Trek Props Up For Auction On Ebay!

Alec Peters founder of Propworx auction house is selling his Collection of Star Trek Props and Wardrobe.  From Star Trek The Motion Picture to Star Trek Enterprise the Alec Peters Collection is in my opinion Top Notch! Currently the auction is on Ebay and in its second round of listings that run until Tuesday February 5th. I am not sure how long the auction is planned to run for but given the size of the collection there should still be a few more weeks until the goal is reached. Speaking of the goal the reason Alec is selling his collection of Star Trek Props and Costumes is to build a house for a friend and her two kids.

The Auction can be found here on Ebay under Linnear.

Last weeks auction featured a lot of weapons including  a superior crafted hero Romulan Disruptor that sold for 1300 dollars,  Also auctioned off were a Jem Hadar plasma riffle and hand gun, ST:DS9 Breen Riffle and Pistol and a Tellarite pistol. This week as you can see the screen shots below are a few Klingon Props ,  ST:Enterprise Andorian Rifle, ST:Voyager PADD, A Cardassian Computer from ST:DS9 and more. Check it out on Ebay , before you miss out. Happy Bidding and don’t don’t bid against me!

propworxstartrek13  propworxstartrek13apropworxstartrek13ab



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