Propworx adds Stargate,Ironman, Battlestar Props On Ebay

I was doing my usual browsing on Ebay hunting for props when I noticed a favorite seller of mine Propworx had uploaded some cool props, wardrobe and production items for bid.

For the past couple of weeks Alec Peters owner of Propworx has been letting go of some of his prized Star Trek collection now it looks as if Propworx is now opened up to offering items from Battlestar Galactica, Iron Man and Stargate. The item that initially caught my eye was the BSG Viper suit from the first cylon war, a very nice piece indeed. Other items Include Ironman 2 Hammer parts, Stargate Uniform Patches, Stargate Production Blueprints, Stargate Original concept art, a Babylon 5 uniform and more miscellaneous Battlestar Galactica props.

The auctions were recently started so you have roughly 6 days to decide what you like and want as there are some real gems here. To find the auctions simply CLICK HERE. The auctions are also under the Ebay name Linnear.

As always do your research and happy bidding!





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