Profiles in History completes acquisition and launches Hollywood PRIME


Profiles in History completes acquisition and launches Hollywood PRIME (formerly Hollywood Parts) on Ebay.

Profiles in History has expanded customer outreach with their buyout of Hollywood P.A.R.T.S recently with plans to compete with the likes of VIP Fan Auctions and Premiere Props. The plan based on limited information I have reviewed is to release various props, wardrobe and production items exclusively on Ebay auction style. The Hollywood PRIME expansion also allows PIH to expand as an asset manager for studios and production company’s looking for space to store and manage various production related supplies, materials and various assets. An email sent out by PIH mentions that thousands of items will be released daily over the coming months on Ebay.

Overall this is good news for collectors of Hollywood memorabilia and given Profiles in History’s status in the prop collecting community I am excited to see what they offer up. Here is a link to the Ebay page , as of press time there were 76 entertainment memorabilia related items listed.

Hollywood Prime – an international full service production asset management company.  Hollywood Prime’s services will include transportation, storage and sales of film and television assets, including costumes, props, set decoration and vehicles.  This new company will provide productions and studios with the highest sales returns on their full range of assets, including high-end hero props and wardrobe as well as background and surplus assets.


Collectors Hype was passed over when the official email by Hollywood PARTS head Mike Filonczuk was released to other blog sites.

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