Propworx Launches New Website Announces Star Trek Auction


Well known prop auction house Propworx is making a comeback with a new website and a new auction! After a nearly propworxst4auctPic1four year break (except Ebay sales) Propworx has relaunched with a series of upcoming Star Trek auctions. The auctions feature screen used memorabilia from the collections of Star Trek production members Joe Longo (propmaster) and Gary Hutzel (visual effects artist).

The auctions are set to be broken up into 3 auctions of 100 lots each with the first auction on Saturday February 7th  UPDATED Saturday February 21st, 2015 at 12pm PST on

Upcoming auction titled “Star Trek Auction IV” has a lot variety of memorabilia from every Star Trek franchise items featured are Filming miniature models, Wardrobe, Props, Production material and Crew items. One of the rarest items is Lot number one an Original Series “Mid-Grade” Phaser screen matched to the episode “Assignement Earth”.


The buyers premium for this auction is 18% much lower than other auction houses, a welcome sight these days. Propworx is also offering a payment plan to bidders allowing winning lots to be paid off over the course of 90 days with 25% down.


The catalog is now available to download from the new Propworx website at



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