The Prop Gallery Star Wars Week It Is! Preview We Have!

Time to use the force to acquire some rare movie props and production items from one of the most iconic movie franchises in film history.

Star Wars week is coming to The Prop Gallery Monday April 20 through Friday April 24, 2015. The Prop Gallery is a retailer of artefacts used in the production of film and television with a focus on vintage items. Founded in 2011 by Jamie Smyth and Derek Rushton with a combined 30 years of experience in researching and collecting film and television artefacts. Collectors and fans looking to acquire something unique to their collection can visit the website to view new listings as The Prop Gallery posts items several times a week throughout the year.

Also as part of Star Wars week at The Prop Gallery; they are giving one lucky competition winner the chance of a lifetime to win a unique part of Star Wars History. An original piece of hand drawn storyboard art created during the production of Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back!

In preparation for the Star Wars week event I had the opportunity to interview Derek Rushton the operations manager for The Prop Gallery as well as scoring some cool photos of a couple items being offered.

  • How many Star Wars items in all do you plan to list?
“We will be offering a total of 20 original artefacts from the Star Wars franchise with the emphasis being largely on the original trilogy.”
  •  How often will you be listing/posting new items? (daily,all at once, etc.)

“The artefacts will be made available on over the course of five consecutive days from Monday April 20 to Friday April 24 and will follow our usual format of four listings per day added to the website at 16:00 GMT.”

  • What are the price ranges of the items to be listed?
“With a varied selection of artefacts from production material to screen used props there will be prices to suit all budgets.”
  • Are you planning on doing future “Event Listings”  like star wars listings? If so what would be plan next or is in the planning stages?
“We currently have a number of projects in the pipeline, one particular event coming later this year will focus on science fiction, other events relating to major film franchises are also being planned as are future collaborations with film studios.”

This Oscar statuette was created at Industrial Light & Magic and presented to visual effects unit supervisor Brian Johnson who was recruited into the ranks of ILM for The Empire Strikes Back after impressing George Lucas with his miniature effects on the 1975 Gerry Anderson television series Space: 1999.
The quality of the effects produced by ILM was recognized at the highest level on March 31, 1981 when a Special Achievement Academy Award was presented to Brian Johnson, Richard Edlund, Dennis Muren and Bruce Nicholson for exceptional contribution to visual effects. This custom made C-3PO Oscar statuette was presented to Brian in commemoration of his efforts on The Empire Strikes Back with the base signed by no less than 42 of his colleagues at Industrial Light & Magic.
STAR WARS EPISODE VI: RETURN OF THE JEDIstarwarspropgalleryrotj_image1
This matte painting study was achieved by artist Frank Ordaz who was recruited to the ranks of the matte painting department at Industrial Light and Magic by supervisor Michael Pangrazio. It relates to the skiff sequences early in the film which were achieved with a combination of live action footage shot on location in Buttercup Valley, close ups filmed against bluescreen on the Industrial Light and Magic stage, matte paintings and miniatures.
starwarspropgalleryrotj_image3The study is a 14″ x 11″ photographic blow up on acetate of the live action shot achieved on location, the purpose of the matte shot was to cover the stands supporting the skiffs and the safety mattresses below used for the shot where Luke jumps from one skiff to another and thus these areas of the print have been painted in Ordaz’s hand. This would have served as a test shot for the technique and colors to be used on the final matte painting. 

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