Prop Domain May Monthly Auction #32


The upcoming Prop Domain monthly auction will be number 32 in the series and is set for May 9th 2015. The 203 lot spiderman-propdomainauction includes some re-lists from previous auctions along with several new and interesting lots up for bidding. Some lots of interest include the lots featuring items from the yet to be released Jurassic World. Other lots of interest are from the movies Zombeaver, Spiderman, Aliens AVP, Predator. Several Television shows are represented including Sons of Anarchy, Agents of SHIELD, Baywatch, Space Above and Beyond and a few more.

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Prop/Horror Domain is a seller of primarily props, wardrobe and production items from the horror genre and is run by David Brandon. The Prop/Horror Domain auction items span many price points and has something for almost every budget. Horror Domain / Prop Domain is a fixture in the Horror prop collecting by holding frequent monthly auctions bringing many props to fans at relatively reasonable prices.

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