Star Trek Auction V May 30th 2015!


Star Trek prop collectors let’s get ready for round V! Propworx is gearing up for their fifth epic Star Trek auction featuring 100 lots of Original Props, Costumes, Models and Artwork. Auction five is actually number 2 of 3 to be held in 2015 as the strategy is to space the auctions 3 months apart from one another. The Upcoming auction will take place on May 30th at 12pm PST online at Liveauctioneers auction site.

This auction like the others feature some never before sold items such as miniature filming models that come from shipspropworx5the personal collection of Star Trek Visual Effects Artist Gary Hutzel. Aside from the previous Propworx Auction in February, not since the Christies auction has so many models been up for sale.

One of the cool items is a complete set of Refit model filming miniature parts used to dress the 6-foot Enterprise-D filming miniature for the series finale “All Good Things”. Consisting of all 13 parts that were attached, including the main third nacelle. See picture below.


Props in Auction V include…..

  • Star Trek TOS: “The Trouble with Tribbles” – Tribble.
  • Star Trek III The Search For Spock: Klingon Rifle.
  • Star Trek TNG: pilot episode “Encounter at Farpoint”, Drug Dispenser. propworxVklingon(pic below)
  • Star Trek TNG: Season 4 “Best of Both Worlds” Transporter Arm Band. (pic below)
  • Star Trek DS9: Klingon P.A.D.D.
  • Star Trek DS9: Klingon Trial by Blood Knife
  • Star Trek Enterprise: Hero Communicator and Holster

The official Star Trek Auction V catalog can be downloaded here at starting Friday May 8th 2015.


The buyers premium for this auction is 18% much lower than other auction houses. Propworx is also offering a payment plan to bidders allowing winning lots to be paid off over the course of 90 days with 25% down.



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