Blacksparrow Auctions: Spring Animation Auction #29

Blacksparrow Auctions has announced an upcoming Spring Animation Auction scheduled for Saturday March 19th madhatter-blacksparrow2016. The timed event will take place on the auction site icollector and will have 202 lots total. Bidders can expect to see various production drawings, animation cels, artwork spanning many decades from Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros., Hanna Barbera, Chuck Jones, DreamWorks and more.

Also featured is animation art made for and used in vintage commercials of Lucky Charms, Rice Krispies and more. This is a timed auction so the lots will end at a specific time and all the lots are now open for bidding now. See the link below to the Blacksparrow Spring Animation Auction.

Auction Features:

  • Original Walt Disney signed cel of Charles Laughton, Freddie Bartholomew and Spencer Tracy from Mother chuckjones-blacksparrowGoose Goes Hollywood (1938)
  • Original Chuck Jones Production Cel of Porky Pig from Carnival of Animals (Warner Bros. 1976)
  • Original Production Cel & Matching Drawing of Scrooge McDuck from DuckTales (Disney, 1987)
  • Production Cel & Drawing of Hong Kong Phooey Signed by Bill Hanna & Joe Barbera (Hanna Barbera,1974)
  • Original Chuck Jones Signed Production Cel for From Hare to Eternity (Chuck Jones, 1998)
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