ScreenUsed Adds The Daily Weekly Auctions

At the beginning of October this year ScreenUsed Movie Props and Wardrobe began daily auctions running 1 week screenusedweeklyauctionsxmeneach. The daily/weekly auctions take place exclusively on the company’s website, a recent change for all their auctions.I’ll be honest I was skeptical of the daily auctions as I figured the quality of the items would be on the lower end. It seems ScreenUsed has done a excellent job so far listing some very interesting items.

The daily/weekly auctions are offing up a good variety of unique movie props, costumes, production materials and more. Items that have been and currently listing are from movies and television shows like Robocop 2, Airwolf , Terminator Salvation, 24, Married with Children, How the Grinch stole Christmas, Seinfeld, X-Men and much more.charmedscreenusedweeklyauctions

So here is how it goes 15 new auction items are listed every day from Monday through Friday. Each daily auction runs for 7 days. The auctions start and end in the same way each week. Example, Monday’s auction ends the following Monday, Tuesday ends on Tuesday and so forth.




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