Tim Burton Week – The Prop Gallery!

There are times where I truly enjoy scouring the internet for the latest movie prop news and here’s a cool gem. My friends over at The Prop Gallery will be having what i call an “event” listing coming in April. Fans and collectors can look forward to a 3 day listing event of movie memorabilia associated with iconic director Tim Burton.

Based on the information provided on the Prop Gallery website listings of original artifacts begin on Tuesday April 04 through Thursday April 06, 2017. The listings will be posted around at 16:00 GMT and will feature “highly significant and iconic pieces” from the movies of Tim Burton. Not much more information was provided and I really wish I had some preview photos to share so I guess if your interested log on the Prop Gallery website and view the listings in just a couple short weeks from now.


The Prop Gallery is a retailer of artifacts used in the production of film and television with a focus on vintage items. Founded in 2011 by Jamie Smyth and Derek Rushton with a combined 30 years of experience in researching and collecting film and television artifacts. Collectors and fans looking to acquire something unique to their collection can visit the website to view new listings as The Prop Gallery posts items several times a week throughout the year.


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