H.R Giger Memorabilia Featured in Auction

Nate Sanders monthly auctions this month is featuring some memorabilia from the famed artist H.R. Giger. The monthly auction ends tomorrow October 26th contains three interesting pieces. The “big” ticket item is a produciton made scale model of the now famous Space Jockey from the movie Alien staring Sigourney Weaver. The description on the “Space Jockey” model reads in part “The model is reportedly one of only three or four known to exist and comes from the collection of Peter Beale, former 20th Century Fox executive who was given the model by Giger and whose LOA accompanies the piece”. The opening bid on the model is $100,000 plus buyers premium and fees.

The other two H.R. Giger lots feature concept artwork around 22 images on 17 paper sheets with an opening bid of $10,000. Lastly a lot featuring 11 limited edition prints with an opening bid of 4,000.

A couple other lots in the entertainment memorabilia part of the monthly auctions include a production prototype from ”Star Trek: The Next Generation”, used to make the D’Kora Marauder spacecraft traveled in by the Ferengi. A costume screen-worn by Leonardo DiCaprio in ”Man in the Iron Mask” during the masquerade ball scene. There are about 25  lots in all and can be viewed at the Nate D Sanders auction site.

Auction Link http://natedsanders.com

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