Rosewood Television Series Auction Begins!

After two seasons on the Fox television network Rosewood met its end, but don’t worry its back kinda. VIP Fan Auctions started the Rosewood prop and wardrobe auction Friday January 19th and runs through February 9th 2018. Rosewood follows Miami pathologist, Dr. Beaumont Rosewood, Jr. played by Morris Chestnut, whom finds secrets in people’s bodies using his state-of-the-art laboratory equipment leading him on many adventures with his quick wit and investigative abilities.

VIP Fan Auctions will put up various props and wardrobe items from the two seasons the show aired. The many auction lots will be open for bidding exclusively on Ebay. The auction will run in typical Ebay format over 6 days or so. Once the a bidding period for listed lots has ended a new group of items will be listed every week until production is sold out. The auction is located on the Ebay page of VIP TV and Movie Auctions.


VIP TV and Movie auctions is the largest seller of official studio direct Hollywood memorabilia. Since 2002, VIP has offered television and movie memorabilia from Hollywood’s largest entertainment studios including Universal Pictures, ABC Studios, NBCUniversal, Twentieth Century Fox, SyFy, Paramount Pictures, MGM and many many more. Their next upcoming auction will feature items from the television series Pitch.

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