Video: Where Hollywood Keeps Its Iconic Props!

I found this interesting video today while searching YouTube, made by the channel Insider. Go into the Hollywood movie prop vault with this cool video! Click the link to subscribe to the Insider Channel, Enjoy!

“We took a trip to the Warner Brothers Corporate Archive in Los Angeles, California. This is where a lot of old props go from their movies once production is done. We saw a whole lot of stuff from the “Batman” franchise, including Batmobiles and Batman’s many masks. We also saw items from “Suicide Squad,” “The Matrix,” and “Harry Potter.” The newest thing we saw were outfits from 2018’s “Crazy Rich Asians.” Despite starting in just 1992, the Warner Brothers Corporate Archive goes way back. You can also find props and costumes from “My Fair Lady” and John Wayne. While the archive is not open to the public, much of this stuff goes on tour.” – Insider

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