Prop Store Spring Cinema Poster Auction RESULTS!


Prop Store – one of the world’s leading film and TV memorabilia companies – has today announced results from its April 2021 cinema poster online auction, with posters and artwork on offer fetching more than £295,656 ($413,918).

Other notable sales included (sale prices are inclusive of buyer’s premium):

  1. 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY (1968) – Bryan Fuller Collection: US One-Sheet, 1968 sold for £1,750 ($2,450)
  2. THE BEATLES: YELLOW SUBMARINE (1968) – FEREF ARCHIVE: Original Transparency and Negatives with 1 of 1 Proof Print, 2021 sold for £1,625 ($2,275)
  3. BLACK SWAN (2010) – Set of Four One-Sheets, 2010 sold for £2,125 ($2,975)
  4. DRACULA: PRINCE OF DARKNESS (1966) – UK Quad, 1966 sold for £1,625 ($2,275)
  5. EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP (2010) – UK Quad, 2010 sold for £1,500 ($2,100)
  6. HALLOWEEN (1978) – Bryan Fuller Collection: Australian One-Sheet, 1979 sold for £1,500 ($2,100)
  7. LE MANS (1971) – UK Quad, 1971 sold for £2,375 ($3,325)
  8. JAMES BOND: FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE (1963) – British Double-Crown (Artwork Style), 1964 sold for £2,500 ($3,500)
  9. JAMES BOND: THUNDERBALL (1965) – French ‘Double Grande’ Affiche, 1965 sold for £2,500 ($3,500)
  10. KILL BILL (2003) – Mondo Poster, 2011 sold for £2,500 ($3,500)
  11. ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD (2019) – Set of Four Faux Promotional Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) Posters, 2019 sold for £3,437.50 ($4,812.50)
  12. THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS (1991) – Bryan Fuller Collection: Mondo Poster, 2013 sold for £1,375 ($1,925)
  13. STAR WARS ORIGINAL TRILOGY (1977-83) – Promotional Poster, 2004, Autographed by 15 including Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill sold for £3,437 ($4,812)
  14. STAR WARS ORIGINAL TRILOGY (1977-83) – Set of Three Artist Proof Mondo Posters, 2010 sold for £3,437 ($4,813)
  15. STAR WARS: RETURN OF THE JEDI (1983) – FEREF ARCHIVE: Original Negative with 1 of 1 Proof Print, 2021 sold for £2,250 ($3,150)

Prop Store’s auction was held yesterday (Thursday 22nd April 2021) and was suitable for fans with a variety of budgets, with lots selling between £50 and £8,750.

Stephen Lane, Prop Store CEO, commented on the auction: “This was our best Cinema Poster Live Auction yet which saw us far surpass our high estimate. Many of the fantastic lots from the Feref Archive and Bryan Fuller collection sold exceptionally well, along with some great results from many of the Star Wars and Mondo posters. We saw some excellent bidding from across the globe and can’t wait for our next poster auction in December.”

Mark Hochman, Prop Store’s poster expert, also commented on the auction: “Prop Store’s April poster auction proved to be a special event and more successful than we could have hoped for in the current circumstances with Part One of the Feref Archive Collection proving incredibly popular and very well received. There were certainly some impressive sale prices achieved across the whole auction with the Bryan Fuller Collection and Alternative Movie Poster content smashing our pre-estimate valuations. We knew our Star Wars selection was special, so we saved the best until last and the spectacular results prove us right.”

Source: Press Release

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