Tested Video: Prop Store Live Auction; Star Wars/Indiana Jones/The Muppets

Adam Savage’s Tested visits the Prop Store LA Office with Brandon Alinger to review some original props that will be featured in the upcoming auction. In the first video items from the Star Wars series of films are featured. In the second video a Adam view’s several of the Indiana Jones lots of interest. The Final video features a favorite of mine an original Statler and Waldorf Muppets that will be featured in the upcoming Prop Store Summer Live Auction 2021.

I highly recommend subscribing to Adam Savage’s Tested on YouTube, as well as clicking on the videos like button. Adam and his team do a wonderful job putting out content like the videos below and so much more.

The Prop Store Summer Live Auction is over three days on Tuesday June 29th, Wednesday June 30th and Thursday July 1st 2021.

Adam Savage Meets Original Star Wars Props!

Adam Savage and the Original Indiana Jones Fedora!


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